Finally, Real Relief from Foot Aches and Pains...Even if Nothing Else has Worked!

"An easy solution for that foot & ankle pain, and swelling that never seems to go away..."

CompressUltimaTM Compression Socks, Ankle Support Foot Brace

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  • Get the Skip Back in Your Step...Make Foot Pain and Swelling a Thing of the Past!

  • Supports Foot Pain & Swelling Relief 

  • Helps Prevent Injury and Recover Faster from Training & Exercise

Whether you’re at work or at home, doing manual labor or working behind a desk, you can work all day with soothing comfort that these compression socks provide. It's the ultimate in foot and ankle support!

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

The CompressUltimaTM Advantage

breathable compression socks

No Smelly or Sweaty Feet

Breakthrough Breathable Fabric keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

open toe compression socks

Open Toe Design

Get Soothing Compression with Full Mobility. Do your everyday tasks at work and home without restriction. Whether walking, jogging, cooking, driving, gardening, etc.

ankle support foot brace

Soothing Yet Tough

CompressUltimaTM compression socks are designed to last a long time. Created with strong woven tough fabric. They can take a beating without ripping or tearing.

best compression socks

Compression Meets Comfort

CompressUltimaTM compression socks are uniquely stitched to maximize comfort (and minimize irritation commonly with ordinary compression socks).

compression ankle brace

All Day Wear

CompressUltimaTM socks are super light, breathable, and designed for comfort. So you can wear them and enjoy soothing compression & pain relief, all day long.

best compression socks

The CompressUltimaTM Commitment

We believe in our products so strongly that we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and whopping 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

*Disclaimer: All users will not get the same result. Results may vary depending on the users unique condition and aliments.

Which Sock Size Do You Order 

(S, M, L) ?

Just refer to the sizing chart to the below...

Refer to the sizing chart to the right.

Just measure your arch circumference. This is the thinkest part of your arch (see yellow circle on the right).

If your arch measures between 5 and 8 Inches, then choose Small (S).

If your arch measures between 7 and 10 Inches, then choose Medium (M).

If your arch measures between 9 and 13 Inches, then choose Large (L).

Choose a larger size if you want less compressions.

However, if you want more compression, please choose a smaller size.

compression socks size chart



3 Pairs - CompressUltima Socks

medical compression socks
  • Instant Soothing Relief

  • 3-5 Day FREE Shipping

  • Free 1 Year Warranty


100% No-Risk Money Back





5 Pairs - CompressUltima Socks

ankle support compression socks

JUST $11.99 EACH

  • Instant Soothing Relief

  • 3-5 Day FREE Shipping

  • Free 1 Year Warranty


100% No-Risk Money Back




10 Pairs - CompressUltima Socks

ankle support brace
  • Instant Soothing Relief

  • 3-5 Day FREE Shipping

  • Free 1 Year Warranty


100% No-Risk Money Back



What is the Shipping  / Estimated Delivery Time for My Order?

Due to extraordinary demand it takes around 5-7 days for your socks to reach you from the time you order. Once your order is processed we'll email you a tracking number immediately.

How Do I Determine Which Size to Order?

Do these Socks Work for People who have sensitive skin? 

Yes they work great! We specifically designed these socks to be super comfortable for people with even the most sensitive skin. 

Are These Socks Safe for People with Latex (and other) Allergies?

Yes, these socks are safe for people with nearly any allergies.  These socks are made from nylon, and spandex.  They contain absolutely NO latex or other common allergens.

How do I Keep My CompressUltimaTM Compression Socks Clean?  Are they Safe to Clean in the Washing Machine?

These socks are very easy to keep clean.  Just cold water wash in your washing machine and air dry.

Is it OK to Drive with my CompressUltimaTM Socks?

Absolutely! You can safely drive without any issues with these socks.

Do the CompressUltimaTM Socks work for men and women? What ages is it appropriate for?

Yes, these socks work great for men and women.  They are NOT recommended for small children. From our experience these socks are appropriate for ages 12+.

Can I do All My Day to Day Activities with CompressUltimaTM Socks?

Absolutely! CompressUltima Socks allow you to do all your daily activites at home and work, without restriction.  That includes: driving, typing, cooking, gardening, office work, manual labor, etc.

About Us

compressultima team


Jenkintown, PA

My parents suffer from chronic pain, and I was honestly worried about all the drugs they were taking. They tried generic compression socks in the past and had great results, but they would get sweatly, smelly, and tare apart easily even after just a week of use. Worse of all, they were uncomfortable and restricted what they could do. 

 So made it my mission to create the best compression socks ever! My parents love the CompressUltimaTM socks I developed so much, people started demanding them through word of mouth.I never thought I would start a company around selling these amazing socks, but here I am. :) 

 I just absolutely love hearing stories from our loyal customers on how these socks have changed their lives!!

*Disclaimer: All users will not get the same results. Results may vary depending on the users unique condition and aliments.