Free Returns and Exchanges

We want everyone who wears our awesome CompressUltimaTM gear to feel the smoothing comfort, pain reduction, and quality of life improvement so many of our customers rave about.

However we understand that everyone may not see the same level of benefit from our compression gear!

If for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please see instructions below to request a refund or exchange.

Did your items arrive damaged? (very rare) If so, email us a picture along with receipt / legal proof of purchase to We'll mail you a replacement.

To request a refund or exchange: email us at

Before you do, just be sure that..

You request for a refund within 60 calendar days from the day you purchased your items.

You request for a replacement or exchange within 90 calendar days from the day you purchased your items.

Also, to qualify for a refund or an exchange, please be sure that:

  1. Email for instructions on how to submit your return and print out your free return shipping label. Alternatively you can click Here to recieve a return authorization and free return shipping label.
  2. Return package includes receipt / legal proof of purchase. Plus indicate if you would like a replacement or exchange the item for a different size or color.
  3. That's there is no serious damage that we're not responsible for. If a cat threw up on it or a dog chewed up the item, sorry we cannot give you a refund or replacement for that!

If you're unsatisfied with the item, if the item easily tore after normal use, we'll be happy to provide you a refund (within 60 days of purchase), or a replacement (within 90 days of purchase).

If you received damaged goods, we'll be happy to mail you a replacement (just need picture proof and proof of purchase).

Refund Processing: You can expect a full refund within 7 business days from the day we receive the items back.

Bottom line: whether you wear our compression gear our not. We want to make sure you've had a great experience with us. :)